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Today I wanted to talk to about the fears we face in life.

These fears can come from all kinds of events that happen to us throughout growing up in whatever circumstances surround us.

Now why I am talking about this? The reason is my daughter Kayla learned the power of overcoming her fears; and the joy of doing so.

To setup the story for you properly we will start at the beginning.  She had outgrown her 4 wheeler and needed a bigger one; and it was either go buy one or fix one of the older ones up in the shop.  We looked at her sisters old one and decided to fix it up and make it Kayla’s.

We wanted it to be a new 4 wheeler to her.  So we started out by taking the body of the old one; and her and I painted it pink…which is Kayla’s favorite color.

Then we got into trying to make it run like new; and I soon realized that I was going to have to rebuild the engine.

The fear set in because I had never done this on my own; and was not even real sure where to start.

I accomplished the task after about a month of waiting for parts; and making a ton of mistakes along the way.  Luckily, I had two friends to lean on for advice.  So I knew what to do; and what not to do. So I did not make a total mess out of it 🙂

We got it back together as Kayla; and I made a couple of mistakes, but nothing that couldn’t be tweaked later.

My little girl was ready to roll!  She was very excited; but scared all at the same time!

Trip to Red River

She loved riding again; and got more skilled; and a little more bold every day.  We told her to make sure not get to confident too fast because it is easy to get hurt.

Then after a couple of months of riding.  She even got the chance to ride her sisters quad on a trip we took.

Trip to Red River1Trip to the Red River2

Trip to Red River4Trip to Red River

The day came when the fun ended in a blink of an eye. She wiped out; and hurt herself along with her pride; and the 4 wheeler.  She swore that she would never ride again!

I tried to get her back on the next day… with no success. Then she kept seeing all the fun that everyone else was having; and wanted to why she couldn’t have fun too.  I told her that she could have fun too; but she just had to overcome her fear; and start slow.

We told her to start slow; and not try to do it all at once. That it would get easier everyday that she rode.

She now knows what it feels like to fall down;  and the getting up after the fall is the hardest part.  This is the same decision that people face every day in their personal lives; and their business.

Trip to Red River

My oldest daughter;  Renee learned this at a very young age.  I am very proud of her for this; and I still am.  Now, Kayla has learned as well!

I have watched my wife grow over the years into not just a beautiful women that she always was; but into a strong women who is not afraid to tackle the challenges; that lie before her.  I could not be a luckier husband; and father. While sometimes I forget to tell them how much they mean to me!  I bet some of you  make the same mistakes as well.

I have failed; and fallen off many things, in my life. I will not let that stop me from getting up; and brushing off; while getting up to ride again!  I am speaking symbolically here about life; and the challenges we face both online; and off.

I really hope I helped someone with my story today.  I know that it’s not the normal business post; but I have been inspired lately to write about this subject. If I have helped one person with it…I now know that it was worth the effort involved.

The moral so to speak here, is to not worry about the failures; and the challenges that we face. While you hit the challenges head on;  just know that these experiences will help make you stronger.

So conquer your fears; and get back out there. Saddle up to ride again; and I hope YOU are inspired to take the first step towards your Online Success; and the….

FREEDOM that you deserve.

Please tell me what you think of my story. Tell me about some of your experiences that you have had to conquer in your life. Hopefully this will help someone else with the challenges that they face every day.

Sincerely Your Friend,


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