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We're so sorry, but at this time we are no longer accepting new Solo Ad business.

This is HIGH QUALITY TRAFFIC straight from the list of responsive subscribers to your offer.

Here Is What Some Of My Clients Have To Say...

I just started investing in more frequent Solo Ads for traffic and I am glad I found Chris!

Chris went over and above the call of duty and sent me far more clicks than I had paid for...

And, these weren't just any old clicks either!

To date, the solo I purchased from Chris has outperformed those from other providers hands down!

His list is responsive and is not allergic to fishing out their credit card and using it!

The sales I made from my One Time Offers easily paid for the solo, so I added a few hundred new subscribers (and some buyers!) to my list for free!

Not all solo ads are equal, and I highly recommend Chris if you want to send quality traffic to your offers!

David Walker
David Walker

Chris Jenkins sends awesome subscribers to your squeeze page. The solo ad service he provides is of top quality.

You can be sure you'll be satisfied just like I am :)

Looking to buy many more!

Abel Chua
Abel Chua

I have not only bought top quality solos from Chris but have been a participant in several of his superb giveaway events.

The quality of his traffic is as good as his customer service and I recommend Chris highly as one of the best solo ad sellers and list building marketers in the business.

Anthony Tilley
Anthony Tilley

I know many of you have done solo ads with a variety of marketers and so have I.

I just completed one that not only delivered the promised clicks, but the subs I received were superb.

And, the clicks just kept coming well after the ad ran.... A testimony to the quality of the list.

Now for a Newbie, it's great to get more clicks than you expected, and it's even great when you get quality subs, but I also got sales as well. In fact I had my single best sales day with Chris, which was a direct result of this solo ad.

Many thanks Chris and I'm ready to do it again.

Cheers..... Gene Harbula

Gene Harbula
Gene Harbula

Chris over delivers every time, I have bought several solos from him and each time my list grows with quality, responsive subs...

Thanks Chris!

Landon Middleton
Landon Middleton

Your SOLO AD is sent out to our list and NOT
to pop ups, or pop unders, rotators, or traffic exchanges.

We treat your SOLO AD like we would treat our own mailings when sending to our list.

All Solos are delivered to our personal email list.

I'm definitely ready to quickly increase my list size, and I'm grabbing one of these packages now.

100 Click Guaranteed Solo Ad only $45

250 Click Guaranteed Solo Ad
only $100

The Ad copy will be written by me so that the number of clicks that you purchased can be delivered without hassle and both parties are satisfied. We know what our list likes and the way that they will respond the best!

We also will NOT send any form of junk to our list. This means it must be a free software or free report and must be very high quality. PLR is ok but it must be something that is new and I prefer that it to be remade with new graphics etc. This is all in your best interest and ours of course, so that this list stays responsive to receive your quality offers and others, and we all continue to profit.

We are not responsible for your results. You should have tested your funnel system or be testing it, and you should be able to predict approximately how many subscribers you'll get from the solo ad. We have no control over your offer. All we can do is guarantee that you will get 500 unique clicks from the emailing that we have sent to our list.

If you are in doubt of your performance then please do not purchase your solo ad from us. We do not offer refunds, but always over deliver on the clicks so everyone benefits! The only exception to this rule is if we preview your ad and decide it is not a good fit for our list or vice versa.

If you are ready to receive a ton of new subscribers and understand the terms please purchase one of the packages above and we will contact you within 24 hours.

Chris Jenkins "Your Personal Internet-Marketing Advisor"