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The #1 Facebook Organic Video Marketing & Timeline Ranking Software

How To Drive Traffic, Generate Leads, Build Subscriber’s List & Make More Sales Starting in Just Minutes!



Struggling To Leverage The Power of Organic Video Marketing?

Video Marketers from businesses both small and large all want to leverage the power of video in a way that had never been possible before. Marketers have already noticed that now is harder than ever to get organic traffic and viewer attention on YouTube. It is because these days YouTube is full of videos from competitors all fighting for the same audience. All those suggested videos that pop up all over the YouTube are serving as a vehicle to reach other videos including those of competitors, and are distraction resulting in rapidly diminishing both views and viewer engagement.

So what’s the solution?


We are about to reveal the simplest yet most powerful video marketer’s tool on the planet to make a social video marketer’s life easier, help generate more leads, sales and save time. But before we do that, it is worth to notice that recent studies have found that facebook video is receiving up to 20 times more exposure and engagement than just plain text or photo posts. The same study has found out that 76% of people in the US who use Facebook say they tend to discover the videos they watch… on facebook.

So What Does All of That Mean?

It means a great business opportunity.great-business However, while Facebook is the #1 video marketing platform, which can be leveraged like it was never possible before, it cannot be done manually or with outdated software. Unfortunately, without the right tool is very difficult to achieve massive results.

Introducing Social Video Spark

svs-cover-onlyThis is why we have created Social Video Spark software. Social Video Spark is a result of the collective obsession to build up the most efficient and easy to use facebook video marketing, lead generation, and engagement platform. A platform done by a team of people that have listened to customer feedback, measured viewer response, and built all that into the platform. The Social Video Spark is, in many ways, the fusion of revolutionary social video action system and proprietary highly advanced marketing cloud technology.

Special Early Bird Bonuses

When You Purchase Social Video Spark, You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses


Early Bird Bonus #1: Paged Socializer Plugin

This is the first ever WordPress Plugin for making and generating unlimited Meme’s!

pagedsocializerWorlds First!

This is the first ever WordPress Plugin for making and generating unlimited Meme’s

Early Bird Bonus #2: Video Marketing Like a Pro

Make Your Video Stand Out From Your Competitors

VideoMarketingLikeAProVideo is easily searchable. Video makes it easier to share your brand or service. It levels the playing field. Real-time feedback and interaction. Video is easily measurable. Video doesn’t die Video is always one click away from the BUY button. And so much more…

Early Bird Bonus #3: Profits Page Plugin

Make Your Video Stand Out From Your Competitors

profit page wizCreate money pages in less than a minute. It’s easy to use thanks to its user-friendly interface Add affiliate links or any type of links with ease. No need to create lots of content Extremely profitable And much, much MORE!

Early Bird Bonus #4: Side Stripe Plugin

Stop Letting Your Readers Leave Your Page Without Taking Action

sidestripe-MEDAdd images for visual interest and better conversions. Style text to match–or contrast–your site content. Add a background image for instant appeal. Adjust the tab placement location and color to find the right combination for your readers. Create individual side stripes for important pages or posts to add custom calls to action right where you need them. Change the tab icon to help eliminate those blind spots readers develop over time. And so much more…

Early Bird Bonus #5: Facebook Continuity

FBMC-coverFBMC Introduction FBMC NicheTest FBMC Competition FBMC Funnel Mapping FBMC Price And Models FBMC Content Creation FBMC Setup FBMC Adding Content FBMC Outsource

Plus Get Instant Access To A Huge Collection of $597 worth of Limited Additional Bonuses

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Special OTO Bonuses

When You Purchase Social Video Spark, You Also Get Instant Access To These Incredible Bonuses

Why You Need The Pro – Instantly Bring Social Video Studio To A Whole New Level with the PRO Upgrade.

2015-10-03_1847 2015-10-03_1848-1024x358 2015-10-03_1857

Exclusive OTO Bonus # 1: Video Ad Pro


This is HTML5 video player for wordpress with gallery that plays videos from YouTube, Vimeo and self hosted videos (mp4) with advertising system for each video you create. You can create as many video players you want and have multiple instances of players in your site. You can have unlimited number of videos per every created player

Exclusive OTO Bonus #2: Video Popup Pro Plugin

This plugin takes a link and triggers an vimeo or youtube video popup. It allows for you to pass in the video id or video player, and a few options for width, height, and autoplay. Simply pass in your element and everything else is taken care of.

Exclusive OTO Bonus #3: Simple Video Backgrounds

This plugin lets you add video backgrounds to your website with just a single JavaScript call. The script automatically picks the most optimal video format and also has built-in image fallback for non-supportive mobile devices.



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