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Finally! A Fully Featured Viral GIF Marketing Suite To Plug Into The Increasing GIF Trend

Reach Over 3 Billion People With Animated GIFs And Your Promo Links.
100s Of Millions In Traffic Potential.

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The Easiest GIF Social Marketing Automation

Gifpublishr is a new and advanced Gif syndication software with ample automation that will put you on top of your Gif social marketing game. It is like having tens of virtual assistants constantly finding, creating and making tons of GIF posts for you across social platforms.

In 3 Simple Steps


Login to GifPublisher & Connect Your Social Media


Access 100s of Millions of Gifs at the Push of a Button


Customize, Publish & Profit

Packed With Features. Real Value.

Recorded over 340MM views

Recorded over 170MM views

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Exclusive Bonus #1

Button Creator App White Label

  • Call to action buttons are compelling, clear and concise. They clearly start what the benefit for the visitor is if they click on the button, and almost every visitor who needs the started benefit clicks through.
  • Buttons are action-oriented. Generally, the copy on a button begins with an action verb like “Get” “Download” “Buy” “Go” “Open” etc., and this is part of what gets a visitor clicking.
  • Buttons create a sense of urgency in a subtle way that gets the visitor moving as fast to take the desired action.
  • Buttons are impossible to miss, they contrast with the rest of the page, they don’t compete with other CTAs on the page and they get action.

Exclusive Bonus #2

WP Quiz Master

A very easy to use plugin that allows user to create and embed them anywhere on your blog.

Many features like…

  • Unlimited amount of quizzes
  • Each quiz has individual options
  • Mobile friendly (responsive design)
  • Each question can have its own featured image
  • Share Quiz score on Facebook and Twitter
  • Much Much More…

Exclusive Bonus #3

WP Ad Monster

Display Ads to groups of visitors or subscribers using simple conditions.

Easily reach potential clients with customized offers with pinpoint accuracy.

Other feature includes…

  • Display ad if user comes to the site by clicking a link
  • Display ad if a user has never commented
  • Display ad if arriving from a search engine
  • Simple checkbox configuration
  • Give logged in users a special offer
  • Display ads only to visitors

Exclusive Bonus #4

Content Lock Monster

Monster Protection for almost ANYTHING

You can protect any media, shortcodes inserted by other plugins or any other digital item you’d like – if it can be inserted into a post or page, it can be protected.

Plus, multiple separate pieces of content can be protected in a single post or page.

An excellent tool for:

  • Teachers wanting to keep work private from everyone who isn’t in their class (or student group)
  • Bloggers wanting to limit access to content to only people they know
  • Providing special giveaways, but only to people who you give, or who can guess the password
  • Anyone looking to secure a piece of content, rather than a whole page
  • Use Password Protect for a simple content protection solution.

Exclusive Bonus #5

WP Blog Spicer Upper

Instantly Increase Your Conversion Rate By Decorating Your WP Blog With This Incredibly Useful Plugin!

Special Early-Adopter Bonuses

Bonus 1

100 Stockzign Backgrounds

A good background graphics does not only sublime your content, it beautifies your page, showcase your professionalism, captures your viewers attention and engages them as they read through the page.

If you want the best results from your marketing pages, use professional background graphics to show authority, drive brand awareness and effortlessly convert your audience.

Bonus 2

Video Frames

We created Video Frames when we saw how many people were still struggling to add that little professional touch to their videos. Watch this GIF to find out how quick and easy it is to add beautiful video frames to your website.

Bonus 3

Icon Creator

The best tool to create beautiful high-converting icons on-demand.

Install to your desktop (mac/pc) – Download, launch, install and create icons whenever you need them

Play with the backgrounds styles – Select from different shapes or add borders, shadows and bevels

Choose from 676 curated icons – Whether you need an icon for support or Snapchat, you’ll find what you need

Personalize your icons – Set your colors, add a bevel or shadow and customize the size of the icon

Download at the dimensions you need – 256×256, 128×128, 64×64, 32×32 or 16×16

And So Much More…

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