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Check Out The Bonuses You’ll Get With Pixo Blaster

Exclusive Bonus #1

WP Video Pull ( White Label )

WP Conversion Tracker is brand new and it works great! With this plugin, you can improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is producing for you the most money.

Exclusive Bonus #2

WP Traffic Rescue

WP Traffic Rescue has the ability to sense when someone is about to leave your WordPress website, and it will show a popup for any link that you have chosen! It can be a squeeze page, affiliate link, or your own product at a discount! So many options with this powerful plugin in place!

Exclusive Bonus #3

WP Conversion Tracker

WP Conversion Tracker is brand new and it works great! With this plugin you can improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is producing for you the most money.

Exclusive Bonus #4

Traffic & Conversion Secrets

Learn how to get your website traffic to buy from you instead of just looking around!

Exclusive Bonus #5

WP Social Tornado

Turn Even The Most Plain-Jane and Boring WordPress Blog Into a Social Powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

Exclusive Bonus #6

Social Traffic Equalizer

Uncover the Heavily Guarded Secrets to Pulling in MASSIVE Amounts Of Laser Targeted Traffic To Any Website Or Offer — Real Live People Who Actually Have A REAL Serious Interest In Buying.

Exclusive Bonus #7

Video Profits Unleashed

Discover How To Create And Launch Profit Pulling Videos To Get FREE Traffic & Sales Step By Step! The Future Is Already Here… With The Emergence Of Video Streaming, You CANNOT Afford To Miss Out On This Exponentially Growing Opportunity.

Exclusive Bonus #8

WP Feedback Pro

Getting the right feedback from your customers can take your product or website to new heights. This plugin lets you capture effectively the right Feedback from your customers that will become the key your success!

Exclusive Bonus #9

Monetizing Your Blog

This 10-part video series will show you blog monetization strategies. It will teach you how to start earning money from the blog.

You will learn a lot about:

  • Ad placement
  • Advertisement
  • Affiliate Marketing (Sign Up)
  • Pre-Selling Strategies
  • Finding Affiliate Deals In Your Niche
  • Building And Monetizing Your List
  • List Automation
  • Marketing Funnel
  • And much more!

Exclusive Bonus #10

Search Engine Domination – Modern Guide to SEO

Discover How To Get Traffic With SEO Even Faster And Improve Your Results… This Is The Fastest Way To Become An Expert At Getting FREE SEO Traffic!

You Also Get Access To These Bonuses

Bonus #1

Pin Image Grabber ( White Label )

Bonus #2

EZ Video Trimmer ( White Label )

Bonus #3

Bulk Image Editor ( White Label )

Bonus #4

Trace Blaster Full Version

Trace Blaster Full Version is worth 84$/YEAR and this is free for your customers. Trace Blaster will help people trace the ranking of their YouTube videos or their clients YouTube videos. For each video, you can find the google position, youtube position, number of comments, number of likes, number of views.

A user can also see previous ranks so they know if their video is on the right track.

Bonus #5

Split Blaster

Split Blaster allows users to download YouTube videos and split them into multiple parts. It’s perfect for downloading copyright free videos, then splitting the parts needed to use them in Pixo Blaster or in any other video editor.

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