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Day Off Having FunWho is Chris Jenkins, and where did he come from? Chris is a conservative, middle of the road kind of guy that many people have enjoyed as a friend for years and years. Just like a large number of Americans he’s been a hard working family man, just trying to care for those he loved. He came to this point in life after a somewhat wild ride as a young man, college educated, again not unlike so many other young men in the United States.

Now, fast forward… a few years and you find a totally different, driven individual. The Chris Jenkins of today came to understand that hard work, and good intentions simply aren’t enough anymore to provide for yourself and your loved ones, in a way that allows a person to be secure and yet have time to enjoy your life. The man of today decided, three years ago, around July 4th 2009 to be precise, that it was time to “take a leap of faith”, both for himself, and for life in general.

Chris came to one of times in life, that many of us do, often in mid-life, though for others it comes very early in life as well. Chris decided to become his own provider and boss, the mover and shaker of a world of his own making. By taking absolute control of his life, and his journey through life, he has slowly learned that it’s alright to stop believing the thinking of the masses, and to start believing a person can be far more than they ever dreamed possible. We’re talking about ‘self-made men and women’, the few.

Known by some as the IM Helper, Chris has over 2 years of online experience, initially specializing in Internet Marketing. Chris, among other things, has a good deal of experience with SEO. To give you a taste of his abilities, Chris takes a mere 2.5 minutes, to get any website on Google Page Rank 1. Unbelievable, but true.

Products like Chris’ Massive Traffic Profit System, WSO Quick Funnels, List Building Super Nova, among others, are just a few examples of his product ideas. While some products, like RSS Link Wheel Sage, PingFM Poster, Stealth Backlink Sniper, Redirect Buddy, Optin-Wiz, and many others are products that Chris helped develop with partners. Chris is always open to new ideas from potential partners on products.

Chris’ company, CJ Success Team, has been, and remains, an Ebay Powerseller, often with his wife Camille at the helm of these endeavors. Chris’ wife and family are all integral parts of his company and his Internet businesses.

Most recently, Chris has been launching WSO’s (Warrior Special Offers) on the Warrior Forum. Chris also participates in a great many smaller projects, things such as enormous Giveaway and Mini-Giveaway events, where he consistently dominates the leader boards. I know, personally, from a private source, that Chris managed to add 40,000 subscribers within 7 months!

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