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New Revolutionary Technology Let’s You
Create Extremely Realistic Spokesperson
Videos From a Single Photo

NO Video Editing, Shooting Or Prior Experience Required. So
You Can Start Putting Your Selfies To Work TODAY!

  • Create 3D, Ultra-Realistic Talking MugJam of Anyone
  • 30+ Done for You Templates in 7 Categories
  • Add MugJam on top of Your Existing Videos
  • Commercial License. Sell Your Videos & Make Profit!
  • Captivate Your Audience and Boost Your Sales!

Every Great Video Needs A Face

If you had to choose to view a video of tiresome animations or a human face, which would you chose?

Naturally, we all incline towards the human, which brings more credibility and honesty to the messaging.

We are all wired to take an interest in the content that is more relatable and easily consumable.

Therefore, having humans in the video can instantly connect with the viewers and instills a sense of trust.

Humans in videos will not only result in more views and watch time, but they also make your viewers think that you actually care.

While humans come out as clear winners when it comes to videos, there is a problem…

Shooting Videos Can Be A
Time Consuming And Expensive Process!

Creating videos with humans is never easy.

You’ll need a lot of time and patience to rehearse your lines, put on makeup, and stand on the same spot for hours.

You’ll also require expensive gear to record and edit the videos that you record professionally. And if that is not enough, you’ll need a professional video editor as well as a cameraperson to do the recording.

Plus, you will end up spending a lot of time managing all the moving parts. That’s also why movies have huge budgets. It takes hours to shoot only a few minutes of footage that is worth watching.

That’s also why movies have huge budgets. It takes hours to shoot only a few minutes of footage that is worth watching.

And Most People Are Camera Shy

Every year 1000s of marketers and business owners miss sales goals because they’re afraid of being on camera.

Being on camera can be very scary for many and for the right reasons.

Putting a spotlight on yourself can be nerve-wracking, and often leads to stress…

But, being on camera has tremendous benefits too. Not only people will start recognizing you and your brand, but you’ll also add credibility and honesty to your videos instantly.

And your videos will always stand out and get more attention just because of the lack of trustworthy human videos that are hard to produce…

So while they are hard to create, humans videos are always going to outperform other types of videos

So with this problem in mind…

We Decided To Do Something About It

…And after 1 year of hardwork


AI Magic Like You’ve Never Seen Before!

MugJam’s State Of The Art AI will transform your photo into talking character that you can use to create Powerful and Personalised Videos…

Wach Me Crete A Video Using A Single Selfie

Special Early Bird Bonus

You will get these bonuses if you get a copy of MugJam Today!

Business Finder App – $997

Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge when it comes to landing high paying clients. Our team has worked out a solution to this critical problem.

We’ve created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with their phone number, email, and website in a single click. You can also keep track of all the businesses that you’ve contacted and see how you are doing selling to these businesses.

This powerful tool can find businesses in any niche and in any country or city, you can imagine. You’ll get full access to all the features of this app as part of your MugJam Agency Purchase.

Not only are you going to create amazing videos and deliver them easily, but you can now also find businesses and contact them to sell these videos. You won’t need any additional tools to start or expand your video business with this bonus

Agency Website – $297

With MugJam, you will create epic videos. And great videos deserve a great home. We’ve designed a unique website that can instantly make your videos stand out.

This high converting agency website can help you generate leads and sales like no other page.

We’ve already tested this page against many others and those don’t even come close to this one.

So give yourself an unfair advantage by using this special agency website to help boost your conversions and sales.

100% Training Webinar – $297

This is going to be a NO PITCH purely training webinar. We’ve designed this webinar to be highly valuable. In this one-of-a-kind webinar, we are going to show you the current state of the matters with MugJam and our future plans.

Most importantly, we are going to showcase how some MugJam users are leveraging our technology for massive profits.

We’ll also cover how MugJam can be leveraged in various niches and how you can be an expert in your niche as long as you follow the simple steps we show you on this webinar.

This webinar is going to be jam-packed with value and knowledge that you can apply in your business for years to come.

Local Business Closing Email Swipes – $297

Use these email swipes to seal the deal. Every business needs a compelling call to actions and we’ve put together a set of some high converting email swipes written by professional copywriters to help you close the deals quickly.

In total, you will receive 20 high converting Email Swipes.

This high converting agency website can help you generate leads and sales like no other page.

We’ve already tested this page against many others and those don’t even come close to this one.

So give yourself an unfair advantage by using this special agency website to help boost your conversions and sales.

80 eBooks From Various Niches To Become An Expert In Your Niche – $297

Becoming an expert in your niche requires lots of knowledge.

These easy to read and follow sets of eBooks are curated for you to become the best of the best in your niche.

And guess what, you get FULL RESELL LICENSE with these.

So you can even sell these ebooks or offer them to your customers as a bonus.

Facebook and Youtube Ads Template – $197

To run successful and profitable youtube and facebook ads, a lot of things need to be right.

With the help of our team of expert copywriters and ad managers, we’ve curated the best of the best facebook ads and youtube ads templates for you.

These are done-for-you templates that are proven to convert and you can get started with them right out of the box.

Professional Voiceovers To Close Deals – $297

10 Voice Overs by the #1 Spokesperson in Internet Marketing, Todd Gross.

Use them with your videos to increase your closing rates.

100 Royalty-Free Music Tracks – $297

Use these Royalty-Free Music Tracks to enhance your videos with the right sounds to set the mood for offering your products.

Take Advantage of These Exclusive Bonuses Today!

Exclusive Bonus #1

VidRolls White Label

  • Create media-rich snippets that lead naturally to your video.
  • Develop contextual ads that automatically appear when your video is finished.
  • Include learning objectives for training videos.
  • Require an opt-in to view a video (perfect for content upgrades!)
  • Link multiple videos together for a step-by-step process that’s seamless for viewers.

Exclusive Bonus #2

Image Editor with Commercial Rights

Ever wondered why it is so hard to edit photos? A basic edit can take several minutes and if you do not have experience with tools like Photoshop, prepare to get frustrated because even the basic edits can take forever. We’ve created this custom tool to solve this problem. It is extremely easy to use and we won’t take your photos hostage. In fact, we don’t even store your photos on our server. So this app is not only easy to use but also highly secure. You can do simple stuff like cropping or adding a filter or you can do advanced stuff like layers and grading. This all in one image editor is the last image editor you’ll ever need. And you get a COMMERCIAL LICENSE, too.

Exclusive Bonus #3

1M+ Stock Videos, Photo + Vectors With Commercial Rights

There are never too many professional images or videos that we can use on our projects. With this online app, you can search and download the highest resolution videos, photos, and images in every category imaginable. This is your one-stop destination for all your stock footage needs. And you get full commercial rights so you can use these in any of your projects.

Exclusive Bonus #4

Zero Cost Traffic Tactics Gold

Now You Can Get Instant Access To 10 HOT Video Tutorials To Get Free Traffic To Your Website!

Exclusive Bonus #5

Millionaire Outlaw

Millionaire Outlaw is the no nonsense, straight to the point methods used to create enormous wealth from HIGH TICKET products and ONE TIME OFFER strategies so you can work less and make more. You Get 5 Complete Video Modules + Plug-N-Play List Building System!

Exclusive Bonus #6

Profits Page Wiz

Discover a Brand New and Highly Profitable WP Plugin that Once You Fire it Up, Will Generate You Endless Sales!

Exclusive Bonus #7

Recently Viewed WordPress Plugin

Reduce Your Bounce Rate, Increase Your Page Views, And Give Readers Exactly The Information They Need And Want, Every Time They Visit!

Exclusive Bonus #8

Lead Filter WP PLugin

This powerful new plugin lets you quickly and easily create interactive popups that allow your visitors to indicate if they approve or disagree with a statement or answer yes or now to a question.

Exclusive Bonus #9

12-Point Checklist

Building an online business is never an easy task. Either if you are a business veteran or a beginner pursuing a dream, there are numerous challenges to overcome, trends to keep an eye on and a need for tremendous preparation.

To make it at least a tiny bit easier, we decided to put together a 12-point checklist, covering all the essential steps for starting an online business. Learn it inside…

Exclusive Bonus #10

Commission Overdrive Video Guide

Folllow A Complete System For Gearing Up A High Speed Affiliate Campaign That Generates Nonstop Profits!

If you wish to make thousands if not millions online, affiliate marketing is a good business model that you can get started fast.

Now if you have been in industry for a while now and you want to speed up your commissions in no time, learning these advance affiliate marketing campaign strategies inside is essential.

Exclusive Bonus #11

Email Sales Blueprint

Discover how to successfully build a responsive email list, and craft emails that convert and make sales!

Exclusive Bonus #12

Video Analytics Plugin

Video Analytics Plugin Is Your Companion Solution to Google Analytics for Tracking Embedded Video Usage on Site!

This plugin is the ultimate analytics that provides bloggers with live tracking, insightful data, and analysis of what videos are truly consumed on their sites.

Exclusive Bonus #13

Snap Video Pro

Discover the Truly Easy Way to Bring Your Snapshots to Life! If you have ever wanted to take a snapshot of your desktop only to have no idea how to do it, then there is a new software program available that makes creating screen captures a SNAP!

Introducing SnapVideoPro – It’s a screen-capture software program, capable of capturing your entire desktop, a portion of it or the active window of the desktop.

Exlusive Bonus #14

WP Coupon Pro

Easily Create Awesome Viral Coupons for your business and gain new Facebook fans!

Exclusive Bonus #15

Small Business Branding

This course was specifically designed to show even absolute beginners how business branding can be used to increase awareness, establish brand and attract more prospects for any business.

Exclusive Bonus #16

Affiliate Business Secrets

Exclusive Bonus #17

YouTube Affiliate Domination

Exclusive Bonus #18

Ultimate On-Page SEO Guide

Exclusive Bonus #19

Ultimate Traffic Boost

Exclusive Bonus #20

Content Master Pro

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