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YES, I WANT A Monthly Salary &

Do You Want to See A “Salary Replacing System” That You Can Setup ONCE & it Pays You A Salary for the Rest of Your Life?
Well, then you need to read this carefully…

Do You Get Paid A Salary Every Month That You Need To Pay Your Bills?

Whether it is $1000 or $3000 or even $10,000 if you take home a salary every month, you know how addictive that can be.

But that also makes you a slave to a system that basically takes away all the time you have to do a job that you mostly hate – that leaves you with almost no time for family or friends or for doing new things.

Well – that is that exact problem we had.

We LOVED getting paid a salary every month but hated the fact that we have to slave away 8 to 10 hours every day at work and then another 2-3 hours in commuting – lost the most precious part of our day to a boring job.

That’s Why We Decided
To Do Something About It.

We scoured the internet to find solutions and stumbled upon a system that helped a lot in eliminating this problem.

What if we could create a system that REPLACES your salary AND gives you Freedom.

A system that gives you back all the time in the world for fun, family and doing everything else you love doing.

What if we could create a system that pays you a RECURRING INCOME just like your salary.

The Answer : Create A Recurring Income Membership Site.

Now this had a lot of moving parts so we decided to simplify it.

By creating a software that does everything for you super fast and makes it 10 times easier for anyone.

We made it SO EASY that literally anyone can do this.

Imagine if you a website you created can replace your FULL time salary.

A website that could pay you $1000 or $3000 or even $10,000 per month.

Without having to work every day, without having to slave 8 hours in an office cubicle and without having to answer to a boss you hate.

Wondering how is this possible?

Watch This Demo Video…

Get Access TO These Bonuses

  1. Monthly Salary Generator Plugin
  2. Case Study- 700K Free Monthly Visitors
  3. AutoBlogger Plugin
  4. AutoTube Channel Plugin
  5. Auto Social Traffic Plugin
  6. “Early Bird” Viral Traffic Plugin
  7. Viral List Builder Plugin
  8. Animate Anything Plugin
  9. Course Builder Plugin
  10. Any Form Builder Plugin
  11. WP Media To S3 Plugin

Take Action Now And Get Access
To These Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1

Auto Post Wiz White Label

Manage your blog postings using this plugin. This software is for anyone who wants to take their lead generation efforts to the next level and build a profitable business.

Here is what it can do:

  • Connection to unlimited lists
  • Seamless Integration
  • One-click install
  • Simple Setup
  • No cost monthly charges
  • User guide and video demo
  • Capture New Subscribers
  • And so much more

Exclusive Bonus #2

Instagram Marketing MadeEasy 2.0

90% of the world’s top brands are on Instagram ….Instagram is the hidden key to generate unlimited targeted traffic to boost sales and profits for your offers.

Exclusive Bonus #3

WP Checkout Maximizer

WP Checkout Maximizer is the definitive WP plugin that will help you by increasing your conversion sales, enhance your buyer’s experience and also to drive social viral traffic to your blogs…in just a few easy steps. The plugin basically consists of some powerful effective features that makes it unique.

These are the incredible features in WP Checkout Maximizer:

  • 1-click Order Form Maximizer
  • WP Checkout Maximizer
  • Viral Traffic At Your Fingertips
  • Jaw-dropping, high-quality, custom-made graphics that are proven to convert

Exclusive Bonus #4

Magnetic Facebook Marketing

Magnetic Facebook Marketing is a complete, step-by-step marketing blueprint that will take you by the hand and show you how to get tons of traffic with Facebook using mostly free methods. The 17 Module PDF includes REAL LIFE case studies and easy-to-follow screenshots that show you exactly how to begin getting results as soon as today…

Exclusive Bonus #5

Facebook Live Marketing

Video will be the fastest-growing content category on mobile, desktop and everywhere else through to at least 2020, eMarketer.com predicts, and as a result digital-video ad spending will rise from $9.90 billion in 2016 to $28.08 billion in 2020!

Exclusive Bonus #6

Lead Book Generator

With this powerful plugin, you can easily integrate Facebook Lead Ads with your autoresponder and have your leads added to your mailing list automatically!

Here is what it can do:

  • Connection to unlimited lists – perfect for offering multiple opt-in incentives from your Facebook page
  • Total control over the frequency of imports – choose hourly, daily, or twice daily depending on how often you generate leads.
  • ‘One-click install’ right from your WordPress dashboard – no FTP to fuss with or databases to create.
  • Simple set up through WordPress so there’s no additional software to purchase or navigate.
  • No costly month-to-month charges so you can run all the campaigns you like without incurring additional fees!
  • Capture new subscribers right where they spend the most time, while ensuring you are getting QUALITY leads with REAL email addresses!
  • And much, much more!

Exclusive Bonus #7

Membership Site Continuity

Discover How To Build A Profitable Recurring Membership Site From Scratch… Starting Today! Includes eBook, Checklist, Resources, Mindmap, Sales Page, Email Swipes, Articles & Social Media Quotes and More!

Exclusive Bonus #8

WP FB Optin Wiz

WP Facebook Optin Wiz allows you to create amazing timeline Optin Pages that go Viral and are 100% customizable.

Easily create stunning opt-in pages because you have control over how they are displayed, 100% customizable.

Block the optin page to only people who like your page, works amazing well for fan building!

Exclusive Bonus #9

WP Social Tornado

Turn Even The Most Plain-Jane and Boring WordPress Blog Into a Social Powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

Exclusive Bonus #10

Push Notify Wizard

Send notifications right to your visitors desktop using Google Chrome’s Push Notify Wizards.

Exclusive Bonus #11

7 Techniques To Minimize Your Facebook Ad Costs

Exclusive Bonus #12

Ad Crush

Exclusive Bonus #13

Social Media Supremacy

Exclusive Bonus #14

Social Traffic Vacuum

Exclusive Bonus #15

Ultimate Email List Guide

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