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Is Your WordPress Site GDPR Compliant? Don’t Let GDPR Break Your Business. Fix it!

The Easiest Path To GDPR Compliance

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Cookie Consent

Automatically informs your users about cookie use and gets their consent.

T&C Acceptance

Generate a T&C automatically and also force acceptance by users.

Privacy Policy

Generate a Privacy Policy automatically & also force acceptance by users.

Right To Be Forgotten

Collect right to be forgotten requests and automatically notify website owners / admin.

Data Access

Collect Data access requests and automatically inform admin

Data Breach Notification

Sends data breach notification to all users as required by law.

Data Rectification

Collect data rectification request and update owners and administrator.

100% Compliance

Comply with all GDPR requirements & save your business from law enforcement.

WordPress Universal

Works with all WordPress sites including blogs, ecom stores, etc.

See WP GDPR Fix in Action

WP GDPR Fix Has The Most Comprehensive
GDPR Compliance Scheme Anywhere

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Online Legal Protection Handbook

Know everything you must to make sure your business is protected online and you don’t invite any unnecessary trouble or liabilities.

WordPress SEO Top Secrets

How to take your WordPress site to the top of its niche and keep it there. This guide reveals it all.

WordPress Helper Creator

Create smart WordPress helpers that will guide your visitor through your site, answer questions and increase conversions.

WP iAsk

Smart survey creator will create powerful surveys for your WordPress site and boost your customer engagement.

WP CallResponse

Turn your visitors into solid leads by getting them to book phone appointments and talking to them on phone using this powerful plugin.

SEO Harvester Jeet

The most powerful keyword generator app will give you thousands of keywords for any niche in just a few minutes.

WP FB Bar Jeet

WordPress Plugin uses a crazy psychological to make your visitor go to absolutely any site you want. Works like magic.

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WhiteLabel License to WP AmzStore

WP AmzStore is the fastest, easiest and the most efficient plugin that builds money making, profit generating Amazon Affiliate stores for you. If you are running a blog or project with WordPress and want to earn commissions by using Amazon, WP AmzStore (The Amazon Affiliate Plugin) for WordPress will be the best choice for you! Advertise Amazon products on your site with the help of this plugin and put your profits on an autopilot.

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Resellers License to FB Leads Discovery

FB Leads Discovery is a PHP script that you can install on your webserver and get free hot leads for absolutely any niche. When someone clicks on your lead ad, a form opens with the person’s contact information automatically populated, based on the information they share with Facebook, like their name and email address.

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User License to Email Jeet Web Mailer

Send Emails from your webhosting using Email Jeet Webmailer, the web based self-hosted mail client. Email Jeet Webmailer can send emails through your local server using PHPmail, or can also be configured to work with any SMTP provider like Sendgrid, etc. Works online with standard PHP hosting

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Ad Crush

It’s Finally Here The Ultimate Facebook Ads Domination Course Full Of Top Secret Strategies To Grow Your Profits 100x So You Can Crush Your Competition! Discover the methods and techniques used by the most successful Facebook Ads advertisers so you too can profit and succeed!

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Supreme Niche Guide

Your Step-By-Step Guide To Finding & Dominating Profitable Niches Online!

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WP Social Tornado

Turn Even The Most Plain-Jane and Boring WordPress Blog Into a Social Powerhouse! The simple & fast way to increase social conversions.

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WP Inbox Monster

Building Your List Means Nothing If You Can’t Reach Your Subscribers! Build Better Lists, Get Higher Open Rates And Better Conversions!

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WP Testimonial Genie

The fastest way to conveniently display testimonials, reviews or even quotes with just the click of a button

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Funnel Cash Guru

Learn How You Can Build Passive Cash Funnels!

Exclusive Bonus #10

WP Instant Decor

WP Instant Decor is an easy-to-use plugin that you can install in just a few moments and start decorating your blogs with enticing and eye-catching effects that are going to make people not only more entertained by your blog, but also will get you better results…

Exclusive Bonus #11

WP Tweet Magic

Engage Your Readers & Increase Your Tweets Quick tool to increase your blog traffic only takes 5 seconds to setup.

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WP Left Behind

Easily Create Secure Dual Launches for Mass Exposure!
When you sell your products through one network only, lots of affiliates and sales from other networks are left behind. It’s time to for them.

Exclusive Bonus #13

YouTube Affiliate Domination

There’s a misconception out there that in order to make money on YouTube, you have to have millions of views on your videos or millions of YouTube subscribers. Nothing could be further from the truth as there are many ways to make money on YouTube and affiliate marketing is one of them.

Exclusive Bonus #14

WP Baycom Pro

If you’re looking for an easy way to increase the profits from your blogs, you’ll be very interested in our new WP Baycom Pro software. This easy to use software inserts ads at the end of your blogs posts, showing a selection of the latest eBay auctions relating to your niche.

Exclusive Bonus #15

WP FB Optin Wiz

WP Facebook Optin Wiz allows you to create amazing timeline Optin Pages that go Viral and are 100% customizable.

Easily create stunning opt-in pages because you have control over how they are displayed, 100% customizable.

Block the optin page to only people who like your page, works amazing well for fan building!

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Exclusive OTO Bonus #1

WhiteLabel License to WP Traffic Shift

This simple and high utility plugin automates the process of redirecting the existing URL of your WP site to a new URL and is particularly useful useful if you are migrating pages from an old website, or are changing the directory of your WordPress installation. It helps you drive traffic anywhere you want in few easy clicks.

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Commission Fire

Discover The Closely Guarded Secret To Earning A 5-Figure, 6-Figure, Even A 7-Figure Paycheck From Commission Alone!

Exclusive OTO Bonus #3

WP Footer Monster

Make your blog footer lively using this easy to use a plugin that allows administrators to add their own content to the footer of every page on their site.

Exclusive OTO Bonus #4

WP Affiliate Surge Premium Plugin

Create A Fully Loaded Promotional Tools Page Within Minutes That Will Help Your Product Launch Get Noticed By Affiliates!

Exclusive OTO Bonus #5

WP Buzz Machine

WP Buzz Machine Plugin can create highly sharable memes about your product, service or business and much more!

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