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Over 90% Are Using This Wrong, Paying Too Much, Or Not Using This Technology At All… That Changes Today!

  • This Is The Same Technology Used By 7-Figure Marketers Like Frank Kern
  • Others Have Invested Thousands For This Technology – You Won’t Pay Anywhere Near That Today
  • No Technical Skills Or Experience Required
  • Get An Instant Boost In Engagement, Traffic, Email Opens/Clicks, And Sales
  • 100% Newbie-Friendly Software
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The One Word Every Person On Earth LOVES To Hear The Most…

There’s something that all humans have in common, and that’s the ONE word we all love to hear the most.

Any guesses on what that is?

It’s not money… although making money is great and we’ll show you how to make a lot more money with just a few clicks of your mouse today.

The answer is…


It’s scientifically proven that we love to hear
our own names. Here’s why…

  • You’ve heard your name since birth
  • Your name is tied to your existence – It’s who you are
  • When you hear your name, you feel recognized and special
  • When you’re addressed by your name, someone is speaking directly to YOU!

The marketing world often pops up with buzzwords that get marketers overly excited… This year, that buzzword is Personalization. But it’s not as easy to effectively personalize your marketing message as it once was…

“What If I Already Use Names In My Emails?”

Simply adding a first name field to an email is NOT enough.

  • People have seen it…
  • It’s overused…
  • And it just doesn’t have the effect that it once did.

The 2017 Email Marketing Census Shows No One Has The Focus On Personalization They Should

This is where MANY people lose out.

And it’s understandable why so many marketers are missing out…

It’s hard to add personalization that gets the attention that you want.

Like we already mentioned, simply adding a ‘first name’ field to your emails is NOT enough.

You MUST do more.

And until now, the cost for Personalization Software like Frank Kern uses, and intentionally kept all to himself, has been so expensive, it’s pretty much out of reach for most marketers…

But all that changes TODAY!


CaptiPic is a cloud-based, 100% newbie-friendly software tool that gives you an edge and boosts your marketing results with the click of your mouse. In short, if you’re not using CaptiPic to personalize your marketing message, you are missing out!

(Especially since we’ve slashed the price down to a low, one-time investment for a limited time)

Skyrocket Your Results In All Aspects Of Your Marketing In Just 4 Simple Steps:


Create Squeeze Page


Create Captipic Image and Generate Code


Add Code to Followup In Email Autoresponder


Add Code to Website (Instead Of Inside Email)

Watch CaptiPic In Action…
(It’s So Easy!)

Choose an image & edit the text and layout you desire (It can be yours or you can use one of our 20 we provide) I’ll choose a personal one so you can see how it can work!

Generate The Code You Want To Place Inside The email & Website!

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