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Attention All Marketers: Profitable Content Maker

Recession-Proof Affiliate Sites That



  • Create Multiple Profitable Affiliate Sites
  • Perfect For Beginners: No Techie Stuff
  • No Boring Tasks & No Content Writing
  • Choose Any Niche You Like
  • Self-Growing Site With FREE Daily Traffic
  • ​See Results In As Little As 24 Hours

Your Time-Saving SHORTCUT
To Getting Results Like These

These Content-Heavy Sites Figured It Out

Sites like The Verge, Copyblogger, Blik are banking millions. They are able to crank out new content so fast because they don’t have to create it from scratch every time! Now you can borrow their secrets too.

Packed With Money-Making Features

WP Content Factory comes with everything you may need for building profitable affiliate sites

People Do Billions Of Keyword Searches Every Day…

…but only sites with a lot of fresh content get rewarded with all this FREE traffic by Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

And NO, you don’t need to be a writer, manually create content for hours or even open your laptop every day. Anyone can fill their sites with traffic-pulling content with the help of…

Introducing: WP Content Factory

Create And Run Money-Making Affiliate Sites With Auto-Generated Content

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps

It’s Your Fast Lane To 100% Automated CONTENT Sites

These Bonuses Awaits You. Take Action Now!

  1. WordPress Responsive Slider:
    Responsive Image Slider with Transition Effects, Full Screen Mode & Overlays.
  2. WordPress YouTube Video Gallery:
    Responsive YouTube Gallery plugin to display YouTube Channel or Playlist videos.
  3. WordPress Pinterest Portfolio:
    Best Responsive Pinterest plugin for WordPress to showcase Pinterest Pins.
  4. WordPress Posts Grid:
    Best Responsive WordPress Posts Grid Plugin to display latest Posts elegantly.
  5. WordPress Posts Widget:
    Best Responsive WordPress Posts Widget Plugin to display latest Posts elegantly.
  6. WordPress Courses Plugin:
    Courses with Duration, Schedule, Video length, Lecture & many other course info.

You’ll Also Get Access To These Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1

Lead Gate Pro White Label

LeadGate Pro locks the content your viewers want to see, making them take action to unlock!

Features include:

  • Collects Unlimited Leads From Your Website/blog
  • Integrated with Popular Autoresponders and Email Marketing Platforms
  • 5 Additional Optimized Templates
  • Multi-Language
  • Import/Export (CSV)
  • Google/Universal Analytics event tracker supported
  • And more…

Exclusive Bonus #2

WordPress Filterable Portfolio

Best Responsive Portfolio WordPress plugin to showcase your projects. Perfect for showing your newly-made logos.

Exclusive Bonus #3

WP Bounce – Turn Your Bouncing Traffic Into Happy Customers

Don’t You Hate Bouncing Traffic? – those visitors who come to your site and immediately hit the back button? Wish you could do something about that? With WP Bounce you can Turn Your Bouncing Traffic Into Amazon Sales!

Exclusive Bonus #4

Niche Finder Blueprint

In this ‘Niche Finder Blueprint’ you will receive a complete 4,000 word eBook, a professionally written ready made Sales Page, a custom Squeeze Page and all the eCover graphics you could possibly need to make this a success, it also makes a great list building bonus offering for any of your mobile push notifications.

Exclusive Bonus #5

Lead Filter WP Plugin

This powerful new plugin lets you quickly and easily create interactive popups that allow your visitors to indicate if they approve or disagree with a statement or answer yes or now to a question.

Exclusive Bonus #6

WP Email Countdown

A Powerful And Crazy Profitable WordPress Plugin That Allows You To Inject Scarcity In Your Emails With Effective Countdown Timers That Will Make People Do Your Bidding And Generate RESULTS For You!

Exclusive Bonus #7

WP GPush Genie

Easily Bring Readers Back To Your Website Again And Again…Any Time You Want! It gives you the power of an email subscription with deliverability that simply cannot be beat. You’ll never wonder if your readers saw or read an email, or worry about your open rates again.

Exclusive Bonus #8

Email Profits Formula

Professionally recorded video series. This complete video series will teach you everything you need to know
about writing your own Response Pulling Emails

Exclusive Bonus #9

100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails

Your complete “”fill in the blank”” autoresponder series you can use for ALL your internet marketing lists and is geared toward TEN main areas of your business!

Exclusive Bonus #10

Subscribers Only WP Plugin

Set a VIP Type of Blog Post in Your WordPress Blog!

How would you like to have a semi-membership site feature on your blog? Membership plugins are expensive but using these amazing subscribers only plugin, you can have a post that only your subscribers can read.

Exclusive Bonus #11

Social Media Supremacy

Exclusive Bonus #12

Commission Fire

Exclusive Bonus #13

Google Plus Cash Machine

Exclusive Bonus #14

Ultimate Traffic Boost

Exclusive Bonus #15

Affiliate Cash Monster

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