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Traffic “Stork” Software Delivers… NEWBORN “PROFIT BABIES” That Make $16,619 A Month On Autopilot



This Traffic Siphon Software Gives Birth to Multiple “Profit Babies”
And Keeps Delivering Paydays Over and Over Again..

Hey there,

Wouldn’t it be great if making money online was as easy as getting pregnant?

But the reality is more like this.. Launching your online business can be just like giving birth.

I’m just going to come right out and say it.

But it doesn’t need to be that way! Pushing for hours, extended labor..

See, prior to today I would always explain the process as “pushing it out like a baby..”

Because it would take 48 hour stretch to finally see profit come out the other end!

Until I automated the payday birthing process.

And now the 10 minutes a day I spend on the “Profit Baby” birth process results in commissions galore, rather than spending 48 hours and no delivery.

Before The “Big Breakthrough”,


Sure, I was having a ton of fun making $200-$400 a day posting my ads in the morning.

But I knew there must be a way to automate the online advertising and the results!

I would spend long nights ripping the hair out of my head, experiencing the following:

  • Getting locked out of my account because I had the wrong password
  • Losing my work because I didn’t save the file or the computer would “lock up”
  • Getting blocked from the advertising site
  • Getting flagged by competitors
  • Ending up with the bad traffic

This Type Of Frustration…

And then just a couple years ago, I did a reverse search to find out where all the traffic to a site was coming from and what I found out changed my entire life.

I saw someone’s affiliate link embedded in a page that was obviously making the affiliate a lot of money.

And from the looks of it.. it seemed plenty easy to do, and at the same time I thought Jeez, this guy must be making a TON of money!

I had never thought of it before, and no one else had thought of it either obviously as there would be a heck of a lot more rich people on planet earth.

There were a ton of these certain pages and without an affiliate link they’re just “seeds” or flowers waiting to be polinated.

And there are MILLIONS of these little “seeds” available.

Plug in your monetization source? It’s not a seed anymore. Another “profit baby” is born.

How do I know this? Because I started doing it immediately!

This “trick” would enable me to add multiple 6 figures to my bottom line and it is the least effort possible in the vast world of online income generation.


So Although I Was Watching My Seeds Bloom…

It Was Still Taking Anywhere’s From
24-48 Hours To Push One Through.

I was making more money than I ever had made before online.. and all my neighbors in Astoria, Queens were asking me if I was a drug dealer as I sat at a green light in a Lamborghini Mercielago, but I was still working for a living.

My first progress in streamlining and maximizing came when I started to use “2nd tier” links so that I could hand them out to friends and I would make money from my friends doing the work. I was really getting somewhere.

And then two years later after my initial discovery, I hired a programmer for a project that would automate the entire process.

This would be a software interface that turned the 24-48 hours into minutes.

It would act like the pregnancy in vitro programs that would “In effect” induce labor and turbo charge delivery.

Total automation..


PushQuick does a few things with one single push. First off, it finds the fertile “Money Seeds” and allows you to plug in your link to create a “Profit Baby.”

Once the profit baby is born? Traffic from the profit baby turns into commissions, sales, leads, service payments, whatever your heart desires when it comes to monetization.

And then of course when you’re inside the PushQuick members area, you will have full video tutorial reinforcement to ensure every student of mine understands the process crystal clear. So you can replicate my results to the tune of $16,619 a month! That is the goal and task at hand!

Take Action Now And Get Access To These Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1

WP Lockdown White Label

  • The “WP Lockdown” plugin will take password protected pages to a whole new level.
  • This plugin is only limited by your imagination so we hope you enjoy it.
  • You can now do things like setup a free course, advertise it on your site and display a list of page titles in a dropdown menu, but none of them are accessible until your visitor becomes a subscriber.

Exclusive Bonus #2

VidRolls White Label

  • Create media-rich snippets that lead naturally to your video.
  • Develop contextual ads that automatically appear when your video is finished.
  • Include learning objectives for training videos.
  • Require an opt-in to view a video (perfect for content upgrades!)
  • Link multiple videos together for a step-by-step process that’s seamless for viewers.

Exclusive Bonus #3

Mega Bonus Package

  • 100’s Background Music Tracks (Worth 297)
  • 170+ High Quality Stock Images Bundle (Worth 197)
  • 16 Stock Videos Clips HD 1920 x 1080 (Worth 297)
  • YouTube Easy Video Course (Worth 97)
  • Niche and keyword research (Worth 97)
  • Facebook live authority (Worth 197)
  • High Ticket Authority (Worth 197)

Exclusive Bonus #4

Super Mega Bonus Package

  • How to make 2k a day video training (Worth 197)
  • Rapid Google Account Creator (Worth 997)
  • Prestige (Worth 97)
  • 20 WordPress plugins (Worth 987)
  • 70 sales letter templates (Worth 297)
  • The IM Toolkit (Worth 97)

Exclusive Bonus #5

Traffic Robot 2.0

Traffic Robot 2.0 is a push button software that automates all of that tedious, tiring and manual work and empowers you to…

  • Drive boatloads of free buyer visitors to any website of your choice in less than 46 seconds…
  • Benefit from more leads, sales and profits…
  • Start living the laptop lifestyle for freedom on every level…

In short, if you have an internet connection, you can drive huge amounts of traffic for free to any website of your choosing at the click of a button.

If you want to get more free traffic whilst increasing your sales & profits​​, then this software is for you…

Exclusive Bonus #6


VIRAL COMMISSION MACHINE IS A BRAND NEW Never-Released, Breakthrough Software That Gets You FREE ‘Viral’ Traffic & Sales In As Little As 5 Minutes…

  • Get FREE Viral Traffic – Within 5 Minutes From Right Now
  • Generate Consistent Sales – Every Single Day
  • Only 3 Simple Steps – To Get Hundreds Of Visitors & Sales
  • 100% Beginner-friendly – No ‘tech’ Skills Required
  • Video Training Included – How To Bank $150 A Day
  • Agency Edition – Worth $497 Included 100% FREE…

Exclusive Bonus #7

Tactical Backlinks Method

Backlinks come in various forms (some good, some bad), but the most coveted of all are ‘authority backlinks’ …

These are the ones that have the most impact on your SEO success and ultimately your income. But how do you get these elusive backlinks? That’s one of the biggest questions that plagues the minds of Internet marketers looking to increase their organic rankings and traffic.

Exclusive Bonus #8

Essential Business Branding

Have You Been Struggling To Create A Unique Identity For Your Organization? Does Your Logo Truly Represent The Value You Create For Your Clients? Would You Like To Know The Secret To Formulate A Strong Branding Strategy?

Exclusive Bonus #9

Membership Site Continuity

Discover How To Build A Profitable Recurring Membership Site From Scratch… Starting Today! Includes eBook, Checklist, Resources, Mindmap, Sales Page, Email Swipes, Articles & Social Media Quotes and More!

Exclusive Bonus #10

Video Lab Profits

Discover A Simple System That You Can Use Right Now To Generate Consistent Money Working Only Part-Time… Even If You Never Made Any Money On The Internet Before!

Exclusive Bonus #11

WP Tube Ninja V2

Exclusive Bonus #12

Supreme Niche Guide

Exclusive Bonus #13

Evergreen Internet Profits

Exclusive Bonus #14

List Building Profit Kit

Exclusive Bonus #15

Vacuum Cash Machine

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