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Your Own 100% Secure,
“Paypal Protected” Members Site,
In UNDER 60 Seconds!

Fully Protect Your Content With This Powerful NEW Plugin

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  • Create full membership sites in under 60 seconds
  • Fully integrates with your Paypal account
  • Super easy integration with all major autoresponders
  • Protect any kind of content you want
  • Instant lockout feature for refunders
  • The easiest to use membership plugin you’ve ever seen!

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This is the story of how sacked my VA…

And how I made myself thousands of dollars in the process…

I’ve been using membership sites to make real money online for the past 6 years. In fact, they’re integral to my business… Every time I create or launch a new product, I need a membership site. Without them – anyone could just come along and steal and distribute my products.

Membership sites not only there to make distribution of your product easier… They’re there to protect your hard work. The only thing is… they’re pretty tricky to use… In fact, most of them need a degree in computer science to work! And they’re usually REALLY time consuming.

I’m not going to lie…because of this – I DON’T do my own membership site setup. I have to pay someone else to do it – a lot. (Over $400 every time!)

Why? Well I may have been a highly successful marketer now for over 6 years – And I may have been involved with some of the most successful software launches on JV Zoo…


But I know
nothing about tech…

Absolutely nothing. I know that sounds unreal for someone so successful in the IM niche…

But there’s a reason I’ve been able to become so successful with this secret achilles heel…

Because there are developers in this industry that can design and create software solutions so simple, effective and easy to use… So simple that even I have been able to use them. And THAT’s why they’ve been such successful products!

So – I thought – why isn’t there a membership site software that is easy enough that even I can use it?

Where I can save myself the cost of having to pay someone else to do it… But be fast enough to use that it’s worth me doing it myself?…

I’ve been friends with Dan Green for 4 years and we have done a few successful launches together.

One day I sent Dan a message on Skype, “Hey Buddy, think you could make a Membership plugin even I can use”.

MemberPal was born. And… I can use it! And not only that…

It takes less than 60 seconds to get going each time!

A Membership Software as powerful and proven as any on the Market, but without ANY learning curve. A Membership Software that can have you a ready-to-go, fully Functioning Membership site in less than 60 seconds. (And it even includes the time it takes to Install it!).




And BOOM! My VA is sacked!

And that $400 a time goes straight back into my pocket!

Simply hook up MemberPal to your PayPal Account and MemberPal will do everything else for you!

Watch this DEMO to exactly how it works..

Why Are Membership Sites
So Great? Check This Out!

Membership sites are essential to deliver any kind of product you are selling. They protect your content and only allow access to those who have purchased it. It’s a simple way of you putting all your users in one place – with direct access to all your content…

Whether that be software, an info product or a recurring training course… Membership sites are your way of opening up new income streams. And recurring income.

And Right Now, You Could…


And get your membership sites up and
putting money into your bank – In less than 60 seconds

And It Takes Just 3 Very Easy Steps…


And BOOM! It’s Done Automatically

Every one of your customers and ONLY your customers will be able to access your content. It really is THAT EASY. MemberPal is your way of opening up new income streams – With just the copy and paste of your PayPal ID!

PayPal integration makes it easier, quicker and safer all round…

Allowing You To Protect Anything On Any WordPress Site…


By allowing only PayPal verified customers access to it. It’s the ultimate protection. Content is valuable.

You spend hours creating it. You spend $$$ creating it…Why would you give it away for free or just let people steal it and put it on black hat sites?

Member Pal makes it easy to protect any content you want. In less than 60 seconds. MemberPal – Just Makes it Easy. In less than 60 seconds you can get going – and the important bit – get earning.

MemberPal has been designed to be ridiculously simple and quick to use… but equally as effective as any Membership Platform on the market…

That means it’s easier (and safer!) for your customers as well.
Once someone comes to your page they will see this:


They simply enter the email address they used to purchase through Paypal…

And Voila! ONLY Paypal verified
customers get Instant Access

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Special Bonus #4:
White Label Rights WP Tweet Machine

White Label Rights WP Tweet Machine
Watch How This WordPress Plugin Starts Adding an Unlimited Number of 100% REAL, Targeted FOLLOWERS to Any Twitter Account in under 2 mins…


Being ACTIVE & ENGAGING on Twitter is the key to growing your followers.

That’s exactly what this plugin does.

It will automatically find twitter accounts in your niche – people with high number of followers and high engagement.

It will then start automatically engaging with those people on twitter by sharing, re-tweeting, tagging and engaging with their content – even following them to generate reciprocation.

This will bring the MOST ENGAGING and active users on Twitter in your niche to engage with you and start following you back.

This has WORKED and gets you the MOST TARGETED FOLLOWERS you’ll ever get from Twitter in your niche.

So, this plugin will do all the necessary Social things you need to do manually… but on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.

  • 100% Autopilot Software
  • Setup to go in 2 minutes
  • Newbie Friendly – Tested
  • Guaranteed 100% Real Twitter Followers
  • Works for Twitter Accounts in ANY NICHE
  • Auto Content Posting to Twitter
  • Massive Time Saver + Beta Tester Approved

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