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Buyers look native ads 52% more frequently than banner ads that is facebook and google ads

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These Bonuses Awaits For Your Action

  1. Show Content Specific to the Country
  2. Sliding Content Timeline
  3. Special BuzzFeed Theme For STRIBE
  4. STRIBE AdSense Protector
  5. STRIBE Amazon Booster
  6. 100+ Premium WordPress Themes
  7. Viral Traffic Pack
  8. Auto Content Machine
  9. Instant Blog Publisher (Create Instant Facebook Articles & Simple Google AMP Blogs)
  10. Traffic Hover (Monetize Any Image Shared on Social Media)
  11. 70 DFY Sales Letters (Value $289)
  12. 200 Sales Pages Template (Value $1999)
  13. Viral Magazine Theme
  14. Country Targeted Content
  15. GDPR Compliance PLugin
  16. Telegram Chat Plugin
  17. US&Canada State Geotargeting Redirect
  18. STRIBE Deals Aggregator
  19. Stribe bee Stats – Realtime Stat for your site!
  20. Pricing Tables -WP Pricing Table Builder
  21. Animation for WordPress Editor
  22. Royal Quotes – WordPress Testimonials
  23. Follow My Blog Post

Plus, Access to These Exclusive Bonuses

Exclusive Bonus #1

AI for WordPress

Artificial Intelligence is now on your WordPress website! Get to know your visitors and suggest the posts which they want to read. In this way, you can increase your Google rankings and reduce the bounce rate. Keep up with the future!


Advanced Related Posts – Get to know your users’ behavior and suggest posts which they might like.

The Technology Used by Major News & Magazine Websites – It works like the suggestions you see on major news websites. Shows posts that are similar to the posts your user’s visits.

Commented Posts – If the user has previously commented on any post, it shows them similar posts.
Visited Category/Tag Pages – If the user has previously visited any category (or tags), it shows posts about those categories (or tags).

Exclusive Bonus #2

Email Verify : Validate email addresses

Email Verify is a PHP script that allows you to verify email addresses without storing anything in any databases. It will send users an email requiring them to click a link to verify their email before their email is added to whatever you want to add it to.

Email Verify uses secure SHA512 hashing validate email addresses meaning users cannot simply hotlink to the verification page and you can easily customise this script to work with your existing registration system or easily add verified emails to a newsletter database. This is programmed in an entirely functional manor allowing you to easily use the functions included in this script anywhere you want, these functions are fully documented.

Exclusive Bonus #3

Stribe Pixa- Import Free Stock Images

Access to over 1.6 million photos, illustrations, vector graphics, and videos – for free.Your Source for the Best high-quality Images on the Internet!Search and Import Free High-Quality Images from Pixabay straight into your WordPress Dashboard!

Websites / Blogs / Shops use images in them, and the quality of those images can determine the quality of your website!
Attractive images are hard to come by, and free images that you can use freely on your website are even harder, even more, if you don’t know where to look.

Exclusive Bonus #4

WP Advert Plugin

Add an Eye Catching Bar to catch the attention of your visitors in your WordPress site using this Plugin.

You can display the Notification Message on this Bar for Members/Guests, Display in Home Page/All Pages/Pages By ID, on Top/Bottom of the site, 32 types of easing effects to the Eye-Catching Bar and Notification Message etc.

Show the Bar in Collapsed/Expanded state on page load with different types of Effect. Super Customizable Plugin.

Exclusive Bonus #5

Facebook Super Pack

Easy Step-By-Step Video Walkthrough Of The Complete Facebook Marketing Strategy To Maximize
Traffic, Leads & Sales While Avoiding Common Mistakes!

Exclusive Bonus #6

WP FB Content Genie

Search for popular content on Facebook to share without ever leaving WordPress.

Show the Bar in Collapsed/Expanded state on page load with different types of Effect. Super Customizable Plugin.

Exclusive Bonus #7

WP Chat Wiz

Easily start communicating with your visitors so that they end up subscribing, buying from you or engaging more with your website…

Exclusive Bonus #8

WP Ad Monster

Display Ads to groups of visitors or subscribers using simple conditions.

Easily reach potential clients with customized offers with pinpoint accuracy.

Other feature includes…

  • Display ad if a user comes to the site by clicking a link
  • Display ad if a user has never commented
  • Display ad if arriving from a search engine
  • Simple checkbox configuration
  • Give logged in users a special offer
  • Display ads only to visitors

Exclusive Bonus #9

Facebook Cash Bandit

Discover Step By Step How To Steal Cheap Clicks And Sales Using The Power Of Facebook!

Exclusive Bonus #10

WP Left Behind

Easily Create Secure Dual Launches for Mass Exposure!

When you sell your products through one network only, lots of affiliates and sales from other networks are left behind. It’s time to for them.

Exclusive Bonus #11

Youtube Ads Excellence

Step-By-Step Guide Makes It Easy To Get Targeted Traffic That Converts For Pennies Per Click With YouTube Advertising!

Exclusive Bonus #12

WP Conversion Tracker

WP Conversion Tracker is brand new and it works great! With this plugin, you can improve website conversions based on smart data, know all about your website visitors and rapidly identify the traffic investment that is producing for you the most money.

Exclusive Bonus #13

Exit Pop Pro

Cool software that generates fantastic new exit pop-ups.

What is the use of traffic if you can’t convert those traffic into subscribers and into costumers. You see, conversion is that important for every lead generation website and one of the techniques that successful online marketers did is adding a popup feature of the page.

Unlike traditional pop-ups which are hated by most web users and can even damage SEO attempts, these are different. When the user moves their mouse outside the main browser window (as if to close or change address) an attractive window appears in the browser!

Exclusive Bonus #14

Subscribers Only WP Plugin

Set a VIP Type of Blog Post in Your WordPress Blog!

How would you like to have a semi-membership site feature on your blog? Membership plugins are expensive but using these amazing subscribers only plugin, you can have a post that only your subscribers can read.

Exclusive Bonus #15

WP Cash-O-Matic

Want to earn more cash from your offers?

Or want to make more commissions from affiliate offers?

This plugin creates cash-o-matic product pages for your own or affiliate offers instantly.

Exclusive Bonus #16

Supreme Niche Guide

Exclusive Bonus #17

Commission Fire

Exclusive Bonus #18

Google Plus Cash Machine

Exclusive Bonus #19

Niche Ninja

Exclusive Bonus #20

Funnel Cash Guru

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